Trompe l'oeil
The French term defines the technique which has the purpose "to deceive the eye", in the real faithful reproduction of materials and objects of life, creating an illusory reality sensation. In the porcelain painting this technique is used to reproduce jewels, cameos and statues but expecially in the imitation of materials. The porcelain reveals itself a suitable base to be decorated to recreate the marble veins, the effects of malachite, lapis lazuli, briar, with surprising fidelity.
So, it is possible to propose again on the porcelain the striking and ancient art of the marquetry made with hard stones and marbles.
  Vase with marble effect and reproduction of a cameo
Decoration that reproduces marbles and hard stones marquetry

Classical technique
American technique
Technique of "trompe l'oeil"

Gold painting technique
Technique of painting on metallic background
Scandinavian technique